Sunday, May 29, 2011

for sale

want to see the real House of Nicole???
click here

we had 2 viewings already, one more is tomorrow.

kind of exiting;)

some pictures from the brochure

master bedroom


bedroom no 2


front yard






deck and backyard



later i can show you my pictures. i think my focus is more on the details;)

weird times right now. i`m trying to find a place to rent, will actually go on a viewing tomorrow.
other than that i have been working, trying out my new life as a single mom and preparing the viewings.
taking it one thing at a time, otherwise i would go crazy...;)

but we are doing pretty ok actually.
when the house is sold i can and have to focus on finding a place for me and the kids.

maybe i see you tomorrow?!


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

styling to sell

the bathroom

preparations to sell the house... i am quite sad about it. it feels somehow very wrong.
yet i have no choice but to accept it and focus on my future, my kids and my new life to come.
while at work on satureday, the man and i used all of sunday to fix some final things, paint a little here and there, get the yard under control ;-) clean and organize.

norwegian national holiday today...we walked in the parade with our son and his kindergarden, ate icecream and sausage. now he is napping and afterwards its off to coffee and cake at my (ex-) family in-law.

showing you my plans for styling the house to sell.
on thursday the photographer is coming here, yesterday its worth was estimated.

almost all things in the picture are bought at Ikea, soap from lucky duck.
i didn`t want to spend a lot of money on the styling...

the livingroom

the hallway

the bedroom

the girl`s room

the kitchen

was at Ikea last night and bought almost everything. i didn`t buy everything exactly as in the pictures, some things we had from before, some were replaced by something better ;-)

making the collages i tried to have in mind what each and every room lacked, what i was missing there.
even the laundry room, that didn`t get its own collage. it will have a pile of green towels and a plant:-)
of course i will show you the professional pictures (and compare them to my own;-))...later...

what do you think?