Thursday, July 29, 2010

my livingroom

am not finished with the livingroom AT ALL but wanted to show you at least a little bit;)

last night i managed to cut about halv the tiles for the kitchen and it went well:) i kind of had to stop because the neighbors also need some sleep;)

soso, things are good. ninth of august i start my new job in oslo:) am soo looking forward to working in the city again.
other then that it`s all rain here!!! it gets all green again, but, soon sun please. PLEASE :D

have a beautiful day

Sunday, July 25, 2010

wedding anniversary

today my husband and i are married one year! love it and like to think back to the was very special and i will never forget it :)

designer tip no. 4

if you have a naked wall and you want to have a very special decoration, why not make a family-artpiece?
i suggest two possibilities:

1. bying a big canvas
2. bying for example four small canvases, if you are a family of four

choose than the colours that would compliment the area you want the piece hanging.
everybody in the family, no matter what age, gets to decorate one small canvas or you decorate the big canvas all together.

try to use different techniques, like using a sponge as a stamp, covering areas with tinfoil, colour and then taking the tinfoil of, using bits of old newspaper or pictures from magazines...

the options are basically unlimited. you might want to practice one time on a cardboard, to see how it goes.
if you have very small children, just let them paint and print with their hands. use paint that is safe to get in the mouth...
in the end it`s important to fixate.
if you choose the small canvases, you can put them together in a square or in a row on the wall.
you can have a distance in between or put them close together.

this is really a fun family project and might inspire the whole family. it will become a really nice memory and gives everybody a feeling of being a part of the family.
i recommend especially making this artwork for patchwork-families, such as mine:)

and: you get a really beautiful decoration on your wall, that nobody else has!

if you want to have a bigger artwork or one of you is extra gifted in arts, you can double the amount of canvases and this one person can decorate these and put them in between. or you can glue on a matching fabric, wallpaper or anything really. there are so many possibilities!

have really good fun with this!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

summer inspiration

white flowers on the deck
old chair found in the cabin in kragerø
white baskets from ikea
coffee jar and paper flowers from åhlens, tablecloth from kid, table from ikea

enjoy your summer

Sunday, July 18, 2010

kragerø, norway

just got back from our days at beautiful kragerø...:) it is a quiet and gorgeous place at the southern coast of norway...with pretty white houses, fjords and lots of boats.
my husbands grandfather has a cabin where we stayed with a breathtaking view over the fjord.
he is unfortunately very sick these thoughts and wellwishes go out to him .
when we got back home it almost felt like we were living in a big city, which we are not at all. motorbikes, drunk people at night....
the contrast to the peace and quiet at the cabin was just soo big.

Monday, July 12, 2010

nicole is going on vacation

the time has finially come: vacation time!
since saturday 6 pm i am off!
today i signed the contract to my new job and tomorrow morning we`re putting all three kids into the station wagon and drive to KragerØ.
there won`t be any news from me on this blog for some days. just so you know...
i bought lifevests for the two little ones and the sun has been shining all day:D
hope to have some more nice pictures to show when we`re back.
see ya!
have a sunny week!


Sunday, July 11, 2010

designer tip no. 3

when you are planning which colours you want to paint your place in, there is a thumb rule:
rooms facing north should be painted in a warm tone, while rooms facing south should get a colder tone.
when i was younger i used to paint my rooms in really bold colors like bright orange, yellow or green.
i wanted to feel alive and feel the energy of the colours.
my friends and family probably remember this;)

now i have a busy live and want peace and calmness when i get home.
so now it`s one wall in a softer tone, and a lot of white, more sophisticated.

find out where you stand in your live and what needs you have when you are at home.
go to the paint store and pick up colour charts. hold them against the wall and find out what tone you would like. have fun! colours are life!

have a sunny day!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

nicole is organizing

at the moment i`m organizing a bit at home. with my man`s daughter coming to visit for two weeks and sharing a room with my daughter it`s time to declutter and organize.
who ever said that "under-the-bed-drawers" need to be under the bed?
i say they can also be "over-the-closet-drawers".
my daughter is a little artist and she makes many and big drawings. last summer the two girls even made an extrabig one together. but i never knew where to store these oversized things without crumbeling them.
my solution: an "under-the-bed-drawer".
i just love organizing.
with these kids growing constantly we have to take our organization skills to new hights and be creative.
they are constantly changing and so needs their space and the whole house. at least when you`re living in such a small house as we do...

have a beautiful day

Sunday, July 4, 2010

flowers, tiles and summerparties

looking out of the window, kind of grey today...
i rented a watersaw to finally cut the tiles for the kitchen.
with new hope my man started, but:
not all that easy. this time the saw cut askew. both vertical and horizontal.
god lord, this is some ....fed up with this project.
am gonna ask the guys at work to borrow another saw or if the just can do it for me.

the whole point was to learn how to do it myself. oh well.
germany rocked in soccer!!! i`m so proud:D
we`re still in the game.
after the thing with the watersaw i took the train to moss, where my job had a summerparty.
i really had a good time and am not even that wasted today. we were

under a tent, where the rain was pooring down right beside us. one of the guys from work has a band that played the whole evening and as i said, it was fun. fun and loud;)
from tomorrow hubby has vacation and i will return the freakin watersaw.
have a beautiful day!