Sunday, July 4, 2010

flowers, tiles and summerparties

looking out of the window, kind of grey today...
i rented a watersaw to finally cut the tiles for the kitchen.
with new hope my man started, but:
not all that easy. this time the saw cut askew. both vertical and horizontal.
god lord, this is some ....fed up with this project.
am gonna ask the guys at work to borrow another saw or if the just can do it for me.

the whole point was to learn how to do it myself. oh well.
germany rocked in soccer!!! i`m so proud:D
we`re still in the game.
after the thing with the watersaw i took the train to moss, where my job had a summerparty.
i really had a good time and am not even that wasted today. we were

under a tent, where the rain was pooring down right beside us. one of the guys from work has a band that played the whole evening and as i said, it was fun. fun and loud;)
from tomorrow hubby has vacation and i will return the freakin watersaw.
have a beautiful day!

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