Sunday, November 27, 2011

the end of a dark time?!

hello there!?

first of advent :D thought i could try to decorate christmasy without too much red this time. get a little tired of all the red;)

but, of course there`s always a little red sneaking in there... it just gives such a warmth that we need in winter:D

decorated the apartment with my son, that i was watching, since my ex husband was at his annual xmas party;)

okay my son was asking a lot of questions and touching everything, know how it is...but it was nice anyway:D

fall at nicole`s house

advent at nicole`s house

oh my! while uploading this pictures i managed to do 11 chrunches;)

13! who knew that blogging can be such a good work out? ;)

enough with the crunches already;)

have a beautiful start of december, you lovelies:D

Saturday, November 12, 2011



will be going to Paris/Choisy-le-roi on monday.
my grandmother died and the family is gathering for the funeral.

in the park on the picture above i played with my sister when we were kids. we tried to climb the elephant by stepping into the tigers mouth...

i haven`t even had time to grieve since i was so busy this week... so i will be packing my bags on sunday and fly to Paris on monday to meet up with my sister and my dad.

it is weird and sad that parts of our lifes suddenly just disappear and turn into memories. when you don`t have anyone that shares your memories you must feel really lonely.

am so glad that i have my (big) family that shares all these beautiful memories of hourlong seven course meals and lots of whine and talk. Mémé...<3

hope to take some pictures while there...



Sunday, October 30, 2011

"november" fog and mystic mood

     picture:, products: Åhlens
have been liking the nature style for almost a year now! from my new place i see all nature and green outside and i think that is really so calming:D

want that to be my new style really. it`s foggy outside, but still green. drinking my morning coffee and enjoying that nobody is here (besides me;-))
dealing so much with other people otherwise that i need some alone time once in a while:D

feel like i have 50.000 projects in my head, mostly invisible to others;-)

     picture:, products: Åhlens

started with this style slightly in the old house and want to make it my major theme in the new place.
keywords are nature, woods, light and dark browns, light greens, greys, natural materials, real photos...

     picture:, products: Åhlens

  picture:, products: Åhlens

do you like this style? what would be a good wallcolor to combine it with?



Sunday, October 16, 2011

style your home with Nicole & H&M


hiiii  :D

so good to write something again! got done a lot today, finally cleared out my entrance. now there is nothing in the way for a new visit at Ikea:)
how are you handeling the fall, sweethearts? isn`t it good to have a nice cup of tea after a walk in the cold,  
the sound dry leafs under your shoes? just love fall, it`s my favorite season.
everything in my new apartment is going sloooooow;-) but some day i will show you pictures!

surfing i found a lot of nice things at H&M home. here my favorites:





















all pictures by HM Home

you can buy everthing here

have a great week!



Sunday, October 2, 2011

moving about - moving tips

since i moved there have passed two months already...:O
in my life i think i moved alltogether 17 times.
here my best moving tips:

tip no. 1

two months before:

use time to unclutter the attic, storage spaces, the garage, all drawers, cupboards and closets.
imagine you only have a week left and not much space in your new home, i mean: throw things away. a lot of things. give away old clothes, organize memories in pretty or practical containers with labels on.
sell things you don`t need anymore.
stuff is baggage in life.

tip no. 2

six weeks before:

make a list of your new rooms.
then write what function this room will have, what you will use it for. think through it.
 draw sketches of the rooms layout and find where things will go.
give all the rooms numbers, even small hallways and storage rooms.

tip no. 3

five weeks before:

buy moving supplies and book a mover/helpers.
buy dobbel the amount of boxes you think you need;-)

start packing the boxes and write the number of the room it`s gonna go to, on it.
you don`t actually need to write what`s in the box.

tips no. 4

one week/day before:

drive to your new place if you have access to it. bring paper, tape and a marker.
go to each room and find the best spot to place the boxes. hang up a sheet with an arrow to where you want to place the boxes in each room with the number of the room on it.
make a big sheet with a list of numbers and names of the rooms and hang up in the entrance.
if it`s a big home, you can draw a map.

hang up a sheet with the room number on each door.

on moving day you only need to explain your concept to your helpers.
this works great!!!

have a good move and a good week!


Sunday, September 18, 2011

designers saturday trend report

hi again!!!

we have sort of settled into the new apartment.

am too busy to decorate even;-)

here finally the pictures from designers saturday:-)
by the way, i only take pictures og things that i like...

have a cozy and wonderful `fally` week