Sunday, October 30, 2011

"november" fog and mystic mood

     picture:, products: Åhlens
have been liking the nature style for almost a year now! from my new place i see all nature and green outside and i think that is really so calming:D

want that to be my new style really. it`s foggy outside, but still green. drinking my morning coffee and enjoying that nobody is here (besides me;-))
dealing so much with other people otherwise that i need some alone time once in a while:D

feel like i have 50.000 projects in my head, mostly invisible to others;-)

     picture:, products: Åhlens

started with this style slightly in the old house and want to make it my major theme in the new place.
keywords are nature, woods, light and dark browns, light greens, greys, natural materials, real photos...

     picture:, products: Åhlens

  picture:, products: Åhlens

do you like this style? what would be a good wallcolor to combine it with?



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