Saturday, November 12, 2011



will be going to Paris/Choisy-le-roi on monday.
my grandmother died and the family is gathering for the funeral.

in the park on the picture above i played with my sister when we were kids. we tried to climb the elephant by stepping into the tigers mouth...

i haven`t even had time to grieve since i was so busy this week... so i will be packing my bags on sunday and fly to Paris on monday to meet up with my sister and my dad.

it is weird and sad that parts of our lifes suddenly just disappear and turn into memories. when you don`t have anyone that shares your memories you must feel really lonely.

am so glad that i have my (big) family that shares all these beautiful memories of hourlong seven course meals and lots of whine and talk. Mémé...<3

hope to take some pictures while there...



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