Sunday, June 26, 2011


how have you been?
hope you have a better summer than we have in norway so far;)

there we have sold the house on monday. i had a feeling that it would happen after last weekend.
started also to get really fed up with the viewings. it gets to you after a while, doesn`t it?

we got congratulated a lot but i was actually very sad. it hit me that it`s really over now and that we soon will have to leave this place that we had gotten so used to.

itsn`t it true that women get much more attachted to there home that men? we usually cry when we have to leave while men are ready to move on;)

me and the kids have checked out some new apartments and i will hopefully sign the contract next week.

more about that as soon as its final;)

do you have any ideas or tips for me what i should blog about now?

will try to use the occasion to put together some moving tips and how to start from scratch with a place.
unfortunately i have lots of experience with both;) haha

Monday, June 13, 2011

one year `House of Nicole`

i can`t believe that this year has gone so fast! actually i blogged for the first time on 31.05.2010.
a lot of things have happened.
thank you, my readers, thank you so much! it is good to know that you like my blog!

when i started this blog my plans where a little different. i thought you would get to see the complete remodelig of the house we currently live in.
well, it didn`t go all the way to the end.

than i wanted to show you the new house that i was supposed to buy with my husband.
we`ll see what happens.

since last may a lot of things have happened: i started a new job as a kitchen designer/-saleswoman
(love it), i took some short trips to germany and denmark, some trips in norway, my kids have gotten bigger and - suddenly - i find myself singel.

my plans for the next year will include the selling of our house, me and my kids moving to a cosy little flat (wish me luck!) and a lot of things i can`t tell you yet!

probably i will be busy with making the new place cosy and a little stylish, find a new peace in my life, and other than that i also plan to show you a lot more of what i am doing at work.

here some collages of the current house:

have a good week and i hope of course that you will follow my blog throughout the second year also!!!