Monday, March 28, 2011

Kvik, Denmark part 2

hei! a little bit of easter and spring in the air, isn`t it?

here come the last pictures from my trip to Kvik in Denmark in february.
kitchen, bathroom, laundryroom and hallway...
Kvik can be used all over your house!
the kitchen under is called "Mano" - my personal favourite:)
no handles...

Kvik is also known for the concept of "samtale kjøkken", which means as much as "conversation-kitchen".
we are using islands or halvislands that make it possible to cook and at the same time see/talk to your family and friends. what do you think of that? :)

at our house we are still finishing up the remodeling to rate the value of the place.
interesting how long it take for all the little details...

my dad and his girl-friend are coming to visit us on easter.
really looking forward to that :D

have a good week with lots of sunshine!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

the last of Norefjell spa hotel

this is the last of the pictures from Norefjell - it`s a little sad...
i really like their style!

do you believe it? its almost the end of march and we still have 50 cm of snow, it even snowed on friday:O
being from Germany this time of the year is a little tough for me.
i am ready for spring, sun, warmth, flowers, birds....

but the sun has been showing itself a lot lately, giving some warmth, the birds have also been singing.
so, there is hope:D

we`ve been very busy at work and i have collected tons of informasjon about my new life.
when, where, how much, how and so on.
good that i have support from friends and family, i can`t thank you guys enough!

more on that later, as i mentioned in my last post

enjoy the pictures!

i need your help:
am having some trouble with the html, can`t seem to set up the stand alone pages, get into the `blogglisten` ect.
have a lot more plans with this blog:D
who wants to help me?


Sunday, March 6, 2011

Quality and Spa Resort Norefjell, Norway part 2

hi, you guys!
here more pictures from the beautiful hotel in Norefjell.

other than that i have to say that there are sad things happening in my life.
these things will change my life. more about that another time, all i can say is that i am going through really rough times...

we are doing some more remodeling in the house, finishing up the work that we did before.
can show you pictures of that later.

now i wish you a great week, i on my side will try to be brave and keep my head up.