Sunday, March 20, 2011

the last of Norefjell spa hotel

this is the last of the pictures from Norefjell - it`s a little sad...
i really like their style!

do you believe it? its almost the end of march and we still have 50 cm of snow, it even snowed on friday:O
being from Germany this time of the year is a little tough for me.
i am ready for spring, sun, warmth, flowers, birds....

but the sun has been showing itself a lot lately, giving some warmth, the birds have also been singing.
so, there is hope:D

we`ve been very busy at work and i have collected tons of informasjon about my new life.
when, where, how much, how and so on.
good that i have support from friends and family, i can`t thank you guys enough!

more on that later, as i mentioned in my last post

enjoy the pictures!

i need your help:
am having some trouble with the html, can`t seem to set up the stand alone pages, get into the `blogglisten` ect.
have a lot more plans with this blog:D
who wants to help me?


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Hemma på Landet said...

Det ser väldigt fint ut. Vackra bilder.:-)