Wednesday, June 30, 2010

no cuts made

so so, this was my sunday. i wanted to cut the kitchen tiles. first lay them out on the kitchen floor, plan, draw and then cut.
i thought i could start in the afternoon. then there was my sweet husband, that wanted a haircut.
an our later the little boy was up from his nap and needed to eat. hmmmmmm. it took forever until i finally got started. the "boys" were playing soccer outside and i was planning, calculating and laying all the tiles out on the floor. it didn`t even take that much time, maybe three hours.

then it was time to make some dinner for my hungry family and late at night i started to cut the tiles with this horrible manual cutter i had borrowed from work. to be honest: i made one "cut" and gave up.
didn`t work at all. it just scratched the tiles.
now my plan is to borrow the electric cutter from work on friday:)

with new hope! haha!
have a beautiful day!

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