Wednesday, July 7, 2010

nicole is organizing

at the moment i`m organizing a bit at home. with my man`s daughter coming to visit for two weeks and sharing a room with my daughter it`s time to declutter and organize.
who ever said that "under-the-bed-drawers" need to be under the bed?
i say they can also be "over-the-closet-drawers".
my daughter is a little artist and she makes many and big drawings. last summer the two girls even made an extrabig one together. but i never knew where to store these oversized things without crumbeling them.
my solution: an "under-the-bed-drawer".
i just love organizing.
with these kids growing constantly we have to take our organization skills to new hights and be creative.
they are constantly changing and so needs their space and the whole house. at least when you`re living in such a small house as we do...

have a beautiful day

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