Sunday, July 11, 2010

designer tip no. 3

when you are planning which colours you want to paint your place in, there is a thumb rule:
rooms facing north should be painted in a warm tone, while rooms facing south should get a colder tone.
when i was younger i used to paint my rooms in really bold colors like bright orange, yellow or green.
i wanted to feel alive and feel the energy of the colours.
my friends and family probably remember this;)

now i have a busy live and want peace and calmness when i get home.
so now it`s one wall in a softer tone, and a lot of white, more sophisticated.

find out where you stand in your live and what needs you have when you are at home.
go to the paint store and pick up colour charts. hold them against the wall and find out what tone you would like. have fun! colours are life!

have a sunny day!

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