Saturday, August 7, 2010

my new job

now the time has come. yesterday i said good bye to my old job and all the colleagues. it was bittersweet.
now i have the weekend and on monday i start in my new job  as a kitchen designer.

i like working with clients and the combination of designing and being a consultant for people is perfect for me. just recently i found out through a personality test, that i am good at selling things;) worry here, i`m not gonna try to sell you anything.

it`s just so important to have a job that fits your personality. otherwise it`s hard to keep up the motivation.
lately i have been working quite independently in my old job and more and more efficiently. i knew everybody. but on monday that`s all gonna change again: i have to start over. new colleagues and a lot of training.

but i`m soo exited! i am looking extremely forward to starting there! one more change: i finally got to give back the uniform to my old job and get to wear my own clothes again. yes! i just looove to dress.

here some photos of the kitchens i will be selling. they are not too expensive and i think that is a good thing.

have a great sunny weekend!

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