Saturday, September 18, 2010

10 easy steps to change your entire home

ten steps in making your home the place you want it to be:

1. walk around your home and take pictures, you`ll get the before-and-after-picture-experience

2. take a weekend to declutter, don`t forget the closets

3. organize your storage: buy transparent plastic boxes and label them, stock them in shelves

4. make a plan on what you want to change in each room. find out what you want and need from each room. what function it has.
for example the hallway: if it`s unorganized, floating with clutter: buy a shoe shelf and a shoe closet, if it`s dark and cold: paint it in a light and slightly warm tone, install more lighting, get plants

                            before                                                                         after

5. get started one room at a time: start with the room that needs the least work

6. buy everything you need during the week, renovate on the weekend

7. warn your family;)

8. do the changes to the rooms, one at a time. do it in your own pace. it might take you a year or it might take you a month
9. make the final touches. take your after-pictures

10. have a party and show off your new home. show then the before pictures and enjoy!

before                                                                         after

pictures: Schöner Wohnen
                      before                                                                         after

did i forget anything? please tell me!

have a lovely week!

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