Sunday, October 3, 2010

white chimney`s my birthday today. a weird day. i was kind of renovating away the whole weekend.
the first message was that my husbands grandfather has died. on my birthday! hmmm. me don`t like :(.
may he rest in peace after all his suffering lately.
but my family was sweet and singing, giving me presents and sweet cards.
many people congratulated me on facebook and there were a lot of phonecalls.
one from my little (?) brother that told me, he is going to the united states for six months... i am happy for him:D

on saturday i put up tiles over the kitchen counter - oh my god - it was sooo physicially exhausting. this morning i felt like the oldest woman in the world! my whole body was aching ;) and i am 37 :O now.

then today while the little one was sleeping i gave the chimney a second coat of white so now i can finally show you.

the tiles are not finished, there were a few that didn`t fit and i couldn`t cut them in the dark.
but here the chimney:



have a great week! oktober is a lovely month:)

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