Sunday, November 7, 2010

honest materials

     pictures: traekompaniet, bad24, foodnews,,, stone-tech

just wanted to show you some of my favourite materials. i do like the old-fashioned real materials. they give a feel of quality. wood, linen, stone, felt, glass, porcelain.

another week has past. the thermometer shows -9 C this morning.

am headed for a bachelorette-party this afternoon. there is so much happening in the time before x-mas. every weekend there is at least one event. puuuh.
as long as i`m healthy it`s good fun!
yesterday at work i was talking to a client with a runny nose. don`t get too near me, please;)
when i look outside the window, everything is covered in ice. well well, the snow might just come as well then!


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