Sunday, February 13, 2011

Kvik, Denmark

do you know the feeling of time passing really fast? can`t believe it`s already the middle of february:0

these pictures are from my trip last week to denmark to the headquarters of Kvik, the company i work for.

i went there for a course in selling kitchens;)
what happens when you put 10 outgoing sales people together in one room? a lot of talking and laughing;) had such a good time!!!

in addition i learned a lot and and got soo inspired:D

my swedish and danish also improved quite a bit..."bänkskivor" ;)

we sell kitchens, bathrooms and wardrobes, but you can actually use the modules all over your house:D

a lot of black and white i saw, by the way. woodpatterns are also quite present.

all pictures are owned by House of Nicole

sun is shining, have a great week!

any questions about which models you see in the pictures? just leave a comment and i will answer you:)




MYE lekkert!!

Ha en riktig fin dag!!


Nicole said...

enig! er litt flinke disse danskene;)