Sunday, January 23, 2011

art in the house

as an art-lover i just have to write a little bit about decorating with art:)
not all of us are great artists that want to decorate with our own selfmade pictures, so we have to take other measures.
if you can afford it you can buy real art or maybe you know somebody that makes beautiful pictures or photographes.
maybe you have inharited art from somebody in the family?!

i was so lucky that i got some art from a painter in the family - he is not alive anymore - as a wedding present.
also i like to add art prints for example from

still a lot of winter up man got reinspired by my tiling in the kitchen and continued the renovation.
kitchen is still not all finished...

while struggeling with black ice and delated trains i am looking forward to a good year...
want to make a lot of things happen, as always;)

all the pictures - by the way - are from Pablo Picasso

what is the weather like where you live? spring anywhere?


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