Sunday, July 3, 2011

how does an interior designer dress?


inspired by so many other interior bloggers talking about clothes i want to focus on the typical dress code for interior designers this week:) yes!

to put it short: someone described it as "funky yet sophisticated".

i have to admit: many of us work so hard, that they don`t really have the time to be preoccupied with clothes. therefore they/we dress quite boring sometimes.

but: i wanted to identify the typical clothing style, so we leave out the boring days;)
the black blouse seemes inevitable.
many combine jeans with a black blouse or dark sleeveless top.
pattern is also popular in tops.


high heels (in black of course). black dresses or - my suggestion- the black/dark/dark patterned jumpsuit:)


i also see vintage sweaters in bold colours and patterns combined with jeans.


the style is a combination of creativity/individuality and elegance. of course we are influenced by the architects clothing style - black black black- and the product designer style - funky.

actually it is quite an exiting mixture.

bold rings also seem to be popular. for meetings with clients they like to throw on a blazer to either spice up or tone down the rest of the clothes.

i put together collages in case you want the look:

 this is my interpretation of the interior architects clothing style:) i want to go shopping now!

have a great week!



Concept Interiors said...

ha, ha!Kjenner meg litt igjen i dette ja.
Må innrømme t jeg alltid ønsker å se fresh og litt edgy ut, men kreativiteten uteblir på iskalde vintermorgener, kl 07 om morgenen, med en liten en som skal i barnehagen.Men,jeg pynter meg alltid til presentasjoner og da gjerne med en liten tvist:)
viktig med gode forbilder altså!

Nicole said...

hei! takk for at du følger min blogg!
så fint å bytte litt erfaringer med andre fra område:)
jobber du for deg selv eller er du ansatt?
om du ønsker å svare privat, bare send meg en epost til