Monday, July 11, 2011

last weeks in the house


been trying to enjoy the last weeks in the house, before we are moving into the apartment.
it`s a little strange... i am sort of in between. glad when it`s all over.

am having `vacation`with my kids, one more week to go. we are just at home and are having a good time together. the weather is a little unpredictable, so we haven`t really been to the beach yet.

in the meantime i have been planning how to furnish and decorate the new place. it`s incredible, but always possible to turn a place into something special and personal. fun:D

just showing you some last pictures from the house...

my cousin is coming to visit today, he came all the way from southern germany to norway on his bike.
haven`t seen him in ages, so that is really nice:)

soon i`ll have to start packing..uuuuaaaa!
this time i want to try to plan a little better beforehand;)

don`t we all love moving?!;)

have a great week, if you are working and sweating or laying on the beach:)


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